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Rock Star Festival

March 23, 2024

The Inuvik Curling Centre is excited to run this very popular event again. This will be the 5th Annual Rock Star Festival.



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Opens in March 2024

No curling experience necessary:

If your Rock Star has not been on the curling ice before, we ask that you drop by the curling rink around 11am. The ice will be available for each Rock Star to get 5-10 minutes on the ice to practice.


Footwear and Helmets:

Please bring clean indoor runners/sneakers to use on the curling ice. All Rock Stars must wear a helmet. Please bring one if you have one.


Starting and Ending Time:

The event begins at noon and we expect it to be over around 5pm or so. Please arrive no later than 11:30am. It will be hectic!



There will be juice boxes, pizza, cupcakes (Kakes by Kate) and ice cream for all Rock Stars around 2pm. 


T-Shirts & Door Prizes

Each Rock Star will receive a t-shirt to take home! There will also be door prizes.



Each Rock Stars wins $5 for every game they win. Collecting their winnings after their wins is very popularl!


Age Categories and Teams:

Rock Stars can make their own team of three players or we will place them on a team. There are four age categories (5, 6, 7, 8).The oldest player on the three player team will determine which age category that team falls into.



Each player on each winning team will win a small trophy. The four winning teams will play down for the six foot trophy. 

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Click images for more Rock Star Festival photos

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2019 Rock Star Champs.jpg
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